Sonia Pasqual is the founder of Enlighten with Truth and An Enlightened Soul with Spirit and Truth on Facebook.

She is a Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Alchemist, with a passion to help those who have a desire to grow spiritually.

  • Heal deep wounds.
  • Move beyond the pain and grief.
  • Begin a new chapter in life.
  • And proceed onto positive and greater possibilities.

    Sonia has the ability to get to the core of issues, and can help provide Spiritual Guidance and Insights. Some say she has a prophetic or psychic sense and the truth is it is true. She only comes from a place of compassion, truth, honesty, and a passion to serve and help. Sonia has helped over 10,000 people worldwide and most of them in the USA, South America, Japan and England. It doesn't have to do with the number of people She has helped, but more so with the purpose, focus and reasons, to be in Service. You can choose to get a session with her to open up more greater possibilities in your own life. Namaste.

  • Healing on a Soul level, where the vibration can be shifted and manifest into the physical body. Sessions with Sonia are transformative, compassionate and activates the ability to heal, open up to your own gifts and accelerate hidden talents.

    Enlighten with Truth Radio online offers our listener's an array of spiritual expanding segments, reaching thousands world-wide. Your host Sonia Pasqual enjoys having segments that focus on spirituality, sexuality, health, wellness, miracles, energy, potency, awareness, money consciousness and angels! Enjoy live segments or archived segments for your benefit. Sonia thanks God she can offer this free listening globally, as a gift of LOVE.

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    *Self Loving & Effective Nurturing
    *Money Consciousness
    *Awaken Your Inner Goddess
    *Shiva Speaks Maha Babaji
    *The Divine Feminine Returning to the World
    *Unleashing Your Sexual-ness II
    *Divine Reunions & Twin Flames
    *Unleashing Your Sexual-ness
    *Conscious Awareness & Manifestation
    *Dare to BE Dynamically Different in 2013
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    *The Divine Loving Co-Creation
    *The Fifth Dimension & Your God Self
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    *A Beautiful Chourus
    *A New You, Raw Foods and Herbs
    *Archangels, Ascended Masters & Spirit Pouring in Support
    *Set Your Course to Freedom: Let Go of Control
    *Doorway to YOU: 11:11 Energy & Meditations
    *The Role of Dreams in
    Transforming Our Lives

    *The Role of Women During the
    Changing of the Ages

    *Our Earth Walk
    *Shifting in the Wind
    *Choose Awareness & Feel Lighter
    *Ascension Symptoms: Real or Hype?
    *Doubtful? Find Your Light
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